Accessing the Electronic Application System

When using the Kakenhi electronic application system (application system / grant application system), please click the banner bellow to log-in with your e-Rad ID and password.

If you have changed your log-in ID and password on e-Rad, a period between 30 minutes to 1 hour shall be required before the updated log-in ID and password become effective for the Kakenhi electronic application system.
After you change your log-in ID and password on e-Rad, please allow some time before trying the Kakenhi electronic application system log-in.
Please note that the update could take longer depending on the system status.

Researchers login (Open in a new window)

Maintenance information

Not planned


Note to users: When the JSPS application deadline of each project approaches, please check the request status or application status to ensure the application has been submitted to JSPS.

The system restarts on 5:00 every day.
Any information edited over the period cannot be saved. When using the system over the period, please perform Temporary Save before 5:00 and access again once the system is restarted.